Intruder in the Middle of the Night

27/03/2013 16:37

     Early this morning, we were woken up by a loud noise in the kitchen. It was around 5 in the morning and we were pretty sure it wasn't the kids as they normally do not wake up this early. We took a peep and found them still sleeping in their rooms. My husband immediately went downstairs to check. I told him that he should grabbed one of our best kitchen knive as a weapon should there be any armed intruders.

     Meanwhile, I waited upstairs waiting for any instructions from my husband. I was picturing all kinds of scenarios and mentally preparing what to do, like using the vase to defend myself and hitting them with the table lamp I have at the corridor.  

     Yes, I have a wild imagination, as a result of too much TV I think. There was silence downstairs and my heart was beating really fast. Suddenly, I heard my husband shouting to me that it was all clear. Apparently it was our cat who had jumped up to the table looking for breakfast and had accidentally knocked down the bowl of fruits!