A Portable Air Conditioner for My Aunt

27/03/2013 17:02

When we visited my aunt last month, we found her new apartment to be hot and stuffy. So my siblings and I decided to get her a portable air conditioner on her 70th birthday which took place recently. After much discussion and poring over many portable air conditioner reviews, we finally decided on a suitable unit.

My aunt loves our present very much. She likes that it is so portable and the fact that it is rather slim so it does not take up much space in her tiny apartment. She also likes it because it is mounted on casters and it is light enough for her to move it to any room.

The area just around the air conditioner is extremely cold and it cools down her apartment really quickly when she turns it on high for a while. Then she just switches it a low fan setting and it will keep her room at the desired temperature. Although it does make some noise, it is not too loud and it does not bother her. I suggest you to get more helpful tips and recommendation at bestportableac.org.